" WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY " I am glad to serve you!

  • Shilpa you took my session. It was new opening for life. I came to know old barriers which where not know to me till date. After going through the session I felt my self relived from stress and was able to assess obstructions which were preventing from having mental peace. Thank you

    Ketki Namdas-Dongre
  • "Highersoul" word which i never heard before ,was a great part of my life, and u made me to realise this...THANK YOU very much dear. All questions which were hidden in me from many years were answered my me i.e.my higher soul....this session showed me my real purpose in life ..n what actually makes me happy.., what actually should i do to be happy , successfull and prosperous, Wat steps shud i take to make make my dreams tru..hw can i start working for it. During the session i actually felt that all the fear ,doubt ant toxins are being removed fr my body..which made me feel evn strong Before the session i never asked myself wat actually i love ,i want?..i was only following the instructions of my elders..wat they think is good for me....but now i believe on me my higher soul..n whenever i feel doubt i can get answers from no one else but my higher soul...it really helped me a lot shilpa tai to grow mentally, to b strong with my beliefs, decisions,n to step forward towards my real dreams. Thank you

    Supriya Bhosale
  • Shilpa is a very intuitive, insightful healer and seeker. After every session with her I found a new clarity in my own thoughts , new harmony between my conscious and unconscious mind and new found power of intuition within me.

    Mrunal Paranjape
  • Thank you so much Shilpa for connecting me with my Higher soul. After the session, first time after so many days I felt so happy and blessed. From many years I was not sure about my purpose in life, and what actually I wanted to do but it was really helpful when I was connected with my higher soul. It showed me what actually my purpose is, what am I here for, what steps should I take to reach my goal, what is holding me back ,and how can I work on it. It was really a life changing session .it improved my personality and depressed mindset, and now I experience a drastic change in myself. I feel nothing can hold me back and I can do anything!

    Pradnya Bhosale